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'Stop Putting a Timeline On Your Dreams'

"You’ve always inspired all of us to keep writing our stories and that also applies to you. So keep going."

I was having a conversation with my friend Solange Tuyishime, the current Mrs. Canada World, about how I was struggling with a decision. I've had this dream for several years and have been actively pursuing it since 2016 but while I get very close to the finish line each year, I fall just short of reaching that final goal.

Having to pick myself up and finding the motivation to not quit is not something I'm new to. But for the first time, I felt truly ready to say "I give up." That's where I found myself when talking with Solange. I told her I wasn't sure I'd ever reach that dream and here I am, 40-years-old wondering if it had passed me by. "Maybe it's too late," was exactly how I was feeling when Solange said something that really hit home:

"Stop putting a timeline on your dreams."

Now Solange often says very inspiring things so that was not a surprise. But it made me realize that is exactly what I've been doing. I've been using my age as a clock and telling myself that I have to reach this dream before a certain age or I have to give up on it.

Putting aside whether or not this dream is attainable, I wonder how often we as women do this to ourselves. How many dreams are we giving up on because we deem ourselves to be "too old?" How many women are giving up on their dream of finding their ideal spouse or career because of their age? How many women are giving up on the dream of becoming a mom? Or getting a college degree? Or winning a pageant? Giving up on a fitness goal?

Whatever the dream is, I hope we all take Solange's advice and we stop giving up on our dreams because we put deadlines on them.

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